E Pluribus Anus

The Greendale "E Pluribus Anus" flag first appeared in the season 2 episode, Basic Rocket Science. Though originally submitted as a prank by the Study Group, the flag, which features a subtle representation of an anus surrounded by the words "E Pluribus Anus" (translating to "out of many, anus"), became a proud symbol for the Greendale community. The flag and symbol is displayed around the campus and at most school events, including the student body president debates and the Greendale summer fun court.


The flag was first conceived by the study group after the Dean challenged the student body to submit their own designs for a new and improved Greendale flag. The Study Group submitted the flag as a joke and were surprised when the design won. Jeff Winger came clean to Dean Pelton that the image was an anus after growing frustrated with the Dean's inability to determine what it was. Pelton then punished the study group by making them clean up the 1980s Greendale County Museum Space Simulator.


In addition to the Dean's immediate dissatisfaction with the flag, others took issue with the design as well. The official defacement of the school's image caused Annie Edison to briefly consider transferring to City College in the episode, Basic Rocket Science. And though she appeared to make peace with the design by the end of the episode, over a year and a half later she again referenced her dissatisfaction, stating at Starburns' wake, "Our school flag... is an anus." in the episode, Course Listing Unavailable.


Basic Rocket Science - The flag is introduced as having won the school's design contest.

Intro to Political Science - The anus symbol can be seen on the candidates' podiums.

The City College flag, penetrating the Greendale Community College flag.

For a Few Paintballs More - The City College flag is raised above the Greendale flag.

Remedial Chaos Theory - The flag can be seen in Troy and Abed's apartment.

Introduction to Finality - The flag can be seen in the background of the Greendale Summer Fun Court.

Contemporary Impressionists - The flag can be seen behind Chang at the very end of the episode, as his teen security guards shout "Chang, Chang, Chang!"

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